How to tan your skin

tanning Requirement of tan

Some people tan themselves as they find beauty in the tanned skin. They want to look as if they were out in the sun for a long time. The skin tan adds a specific beauty to them. There are several process and cosmetics to tan our self, but here we will discus some basic and natural ways to tan oneself. The safe tan is the best way to tan our self; this is also called as the fake tan.

The first step to be done is exfoliate the area that we need to tan; this is very vital step of the process. We have to rinse the skin clearly with soap. We should never apply moisturizer before applying the tanning cream. Then gently rub the cream on the skin and in a proper way. We should not apply the cream to the knees or the feet. Then wash the hands to remove the cream form it.

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Then we must wait for sometime to develop and adsorb the color in the skin. Then we should wash the skin where the cream has bee applied to. Sometimes there is a kind of smell in the product, but today all the products are sweet smelling. We should always buy good quality self tanners. One thing we must remember is that we should add tanner lightly in the skin that is one layer of the skin, we can always add more in the later stages.

We should also match our apparel and cosmetics with the tanned color. For example use dark colored nail polish with tanned feet. The most important stage in the process of tanning ourselves is covering our face with a very good sunscreen lotion. This step is very important and should be repeated again and again. There is also a kind of waterproof sunscreen lotion available in the market.


  • Thanks for the tips on tanning. I would be curious to know if there are any natural ways to tan skin without creams? Maybe foods that naturally tan. Thanks