How to Take Care of a Pierced Navel

pierced_belly Navel piercing is considered as the trendiest body piercing in the world of fashion today. Though it is an ancient body art it has found new dimensions in recent times.

A good number of teenagers are attracted to this trend, it is considered to be highly stylist and fashionable. However it is a serious decision and needs a lot of care.

It is always better to know about the risk factor before looking forward to it. Piercing brings with it the risk of infection, bleeding and even allergic reaction. It can lead to swelling and immense pain. The healing time for navel piercing is usually four months to a year. It varies from individual to individual.

Now, the things that you should take care before piercing

Check for a hygienic salon where they use disposable needles, never use piercing guns since these cannot be sterilized. Select proper size jewelry for your self. 18 karat gold barbell is best suited for new piercing.

Finally, the do’s and the don’t:

Clean the piercing area with antibacterial soap, but before doing it wash your hands proper. If there are any kind of crust, remove it with warm water. Rinse off the area gently and dry it with clean paper towel or napkin. Repeat doing this at least 3 to 4 times a day until your skin repairs.

Avoid using any kind of ointments.

Keep away from body lotions and perfumes.

Wear soft fabrics and loose fitting clothes. Do not use belts throughout the healing period.

Sweat cause irritation to the piercing so rinse the area proper after exercising.

Please do not go for swimming in the sea or public swimming pools at least for 6 months, since this might cause bacterial infection.

Most importantly do not fidget or touch the piercing in order to check how it looks. If required use a mirror. Be patient for the first few months. Once it heals it will be a stunning body art for you.