How to Stop the Flow of Breast Milk

flow-of-breast-milk How to Stop the Flow of Breast Milk

Breast milk is the best food that a child can get. But at some point of life you have stop breast feeding your baby. The reasons may be different, sometimes you may be returning back to your job or you may not have enough milk to keep up the requirement of your baby.

Ways to stop the milk production

Never stop the breast feeding all on a sudden. You have to do it gradually. In the first week avoid one session of breast feeding and substitute this with some other baby food. During the next week give up one more session and goes one like this. This will help you to adjust your body to produce less milk as the stimulations are less.

Once you stopped the feeding completely then wear a bra that is fit for you but take care to avoid too much congestion as it may cause duct plugging and infections. Use a cotton bra that allows good circulation. You can also use a sports bra for this purpose.

You can place cold cabbage leaves inside your bra and this will help you to slow down the milk production. It is even useful for treating mastitis. You have to replace the cabbage leaves with a new refrigerated one in every two hours.

Make a tea with dries sage. Boil a cup of water and add one tablespoon of dries sage herb and take this tea for about six times a day. You can also eat sage herb along with other food. This will help you to reduce the milk production.

Ice also plays a role in decreasing the milk production. Instead if ice you can use a bag of frozen peas on your breast. Ice your breast for about 20 minutes and repeat this for at least four times a day.

Eating peppermint and spearmint is also found to reduce the milk production. Yarrow, oregano, chickweed, parsley, sorrel etc will also reduce the milk production. Also try to avoid the intake of fenugreek teas, fennel seeds, raspberry and nettle as all these will stimulate the milk production.