How To Stop Overeating

Overeating is one of the leading causes of obesity. People prone to overeating are also known as compulsive eaters or food addicts, who hardly need an excuse to eat even when they are not hungry. This self-destructive nature of compulsive eaters could be treated through proper education. Educating food addicts about the danger of overeating could perhaps help them to overcome this harmful habit.

Treat emotional problems

Boredom, depression and stress are often associated with overeating. You can overcome overeating only by treating your emotional problems. In our endeavor to beat depression, we rely on comforts food to help us lift our moods. To improve our emotional health, we crave for carbohydrate or sugary foods. With increased carbohydrate intake, the serotonin secretion in the brain increases. As the serotonin level rises, we feel better.

However, the effect of food craving on our mood exists for a short period. With fall in the blood glucose level, you will start experiencing low. Therefore, binge eating could not be a permanent treatment for emotional problems. Instead, you can try managing stress through other means. You can seek help of a psychiatrist. Counseling and behavioral therapy can help to overcome stress by modifying your lifestyle. Meditation and deep breathing exercises could help to beat depression and stress.

Watching TV and overeating

Can watching images of foods trigger overeating? A study found that food ads on televisions could contribute to food intake. If you find it difficult to resist the attraction of foods when food ads appear on televisions, it is advisable to change the television channel the moment a food ad appears. Moreover, don’t eat while watching the television. You would tend to overeat, while your eyes and mind are fixed on the TV screen.

Take small meals

To beat overeating, instead of having three large meals, divide your large meals into several small meals. Having small meals throughout the day could reduce your food craving and prevent overeating.

Check portion size

You can gain excess calories, even by eating large amounts of nutritious foods. Controlling the portions could help to satisfy your taste bud and reduce overeating.

Herbal supplements

Overeating could be reduced with the help of certain herbal supplements such as hoodia. This herbal supplement could reduce appetite and beat overeating.