How to Spice up Your Sex Life

69 If you’ve been in a relationship for awhile, chances are you’ve experienced a sex-rut (and if you haven’t tell us your secrets!), never fear it happens to the best of relationships and isn’t a reflection on either of you, it’s just that after some time you’re usual sex routine just isn’t cutting it. Never fear there are some ways you can kink things up a little…

Porn – This is a toughie, as chances are he’s into it, he just hasn’t shared it with you. But believe it or not there is out there, on that crazy world called the internet or even PayTV some “classy” porn. High-end erotica is easy to come by and is oft a little more interesting than Debbie does Dallas.

Positions Please! – Trying out new positions is not only a bit of fun, but a great way to re-explore one another and find out what turns you on. There are many books out there, magazines, or websites (a little more discreet, if letting your local bookkeeper know you’re into tantric sex isn’t your thing!) which detail various positions for your delight.

The bedroom – Who said sex has to be in the bedroom, provided there’s no one home feel free to experiment, the thrill of getting out of the bedroom can be quite a turn on. Speaking of which, feel free to try decorating your room with candles, incense, music of whatever else gets you in the mood (but you tend not to bother with now!).

Go shopping – Not for the groceries, but for some new toys. Sex stores are a lot less intimidating than you imagine them to be and feature a variety of toys and accessories, (handcuffs, body paint, sexy board-games, see through underwear) and a plethora of kinky things to thrill him (and you!).

Talk Dirty – Talking can be incredibly sexy. Sit down with your partner and discuss your fantasies. Hearing your partner talk about his fantasies can be highly erotic, and guaranteed to get you in the mood.

So there you go, a few little tips that’ll thrill you from your toes to your lips!