How to sort out sibling rivalries among kids

siblingrivalrynecks At dinner, you praise one of your kids on his test performance. Suddenly, you find your other child leaving the table in a fury.

It could appear like a trivial thing at that point. It is not unusual to see sibling jealousies. They often fight over matters like sharing food, rooms, toys etc.

Though such issues appear small at an early stage; they can develop into serious sibling rivalries later.

Therefore, parents should try to maintain harmony among their children as soon as such symptoms crop up. Here’s how one can handle sibling rivalry:

Don’t ignore your kid upon the arrival of a new one

Often children grow jealous when they hear that about the arrival of a new brother/ sister in the house. It is a very natural behavioral trait among children as it makes them feel insecure.

When a child sees all the new arrangements being made for the arrival of a newcomer; it naturally makes him/her feel insignificant and jealous.

Therefore, it is necessary to see that your child does not develop ill feelings for the newcomer even before its birth.

Try to sooth your child by telling him/her that even though they will have a brother/sister around; they will just as important to you. Also, try to reduce your child’s jealousy by telling them that they too will have a new playmate around.

Once the tiny toddler is born, try to create an amiable atmosphere in the house by bringing your elder child chocolates and toys. Tell them that it is a present from their new brother/sister.

Never compare between your children

Parents’ attitude often plays a deciding role for sibling relationships. Hence, one should be careful while speaking in front of kids.

Avoid comparing between your kids in any form. Stay away from lines like –“Your brother is a genius, why don’t you learn from him?”

Always maintain a balance between the displays of affection towards your children. Parents sometimes have personal favorites among their kids. However, never express your bias in front of your children.

Always try buying them the same gifts and clothes. Give them equal opportunities in all areas. Do not shower any one with extra affection and praises in front of the other.

Finally, see to it that they work together and help each other. Sibling rivalry can become a major problem. So sort it out before it turns ugly.