How to Sleep Comfortably During Pregnancy

sleep-comfortably-during-pregnancy How to Sleep Comfortably During Pregnancy

During the last two trimesters of pregnancy sleeping will become a problem to most of the pregnant women. This can be due to the increased level of histamines in the body which develops due to rise in the level of hormones like estrogen, prolactin etc. Above that most of the women gain weight and this cause discomfort in their back. Many of them may develop leg cramps, itching and the tendency to urinate also increase during this period. All these may inhibit them from sleeping comfortably.

Comfortable Sleeping

Before going to be bed take a bath in warm water and this will helps you to relax. Try to wear the most comfortable dress while sleeping. Try to keep your mind quite with out any thoughts and if you feel hard to do so then read a book or write what ever that comes in your mind. This will help you to fall asleep.

While lying down for sleep make sure that you are not exerting any pressure on your abdomen and you relaxed enough to sleep. Any stress on the body will makes you uncomfortable while sleeping. The most recommended position for pregnant women are lying on their left side as it increases the blood circulation to the uterus. But if you are comfortable on your right side then you can choose that position. Try to avoid sleeping on your back as it may block the blood flow as this position compresses the inferior vena cava.

Now a days different types of pregnancy pillows are available in different shapes like ‘U’, ‘J’ etc. These pillows can be used for supporting your back, knees, belly etc. Some women prefer to have a support under their arms, if so you can use different pillows to get a position comfortable for you.

Also try to avoid the intake more liquid during the evening time. This will help you to reduce the urge for urination while sleeping. Before going to bed you have to empty the bladder. In order to avoid the leg cramps stretch your legs as possible as during the day time and wiggle your toes too. This will impart an exercise to your leg muscles and gives you some relief from leg cramps at night.