How to shop for a cell-phone suiting your needs

cell Mobile phones are inevitable parts of our lives. And why shouldn’t they be? Not only do they help to speak with people from any place and time; they also aid in several other ways.

Nowadays cell phones are combining technologies of a digital camera, music player and a game station as well. But we all have different needs and budgets for buying one. Here are a few tips to choose a phone as per our needs:

Basics one should know before buying

If you are a first timer about to purchase a mobile phone, there are certain things you should have updated knowledge on. Battery life, Bluetooth etc. are some such things.

It might sound like a cumbersome exercise but there is a wide range of products in the market.

Once you enter a shop, the salesman will unnerve you with loads of technical jargon. Hence it’s always a plus point to know basic cell phone features.

Decide on budget and size

Cell phones come in various sizes and prices nowadays. There are slightly longer and slimmer ones. There are slider cell phones and mini-sized mobiles.

Choose a mobile which suits your lifestyle. For example, if you travel a lot, it’s better to take a smaller mobile, as it is easier to carry.

Also keep your budget in mind. There is no use buying an expensive hi-tech phone if there is no time to play around with it.

Keep your requirements in mind

The most important thing while buying a cell is to keep you daily requirements in mind. For example, if you need a cell phone just for text messaging and small calls then buy a basic cell phone that all brands offer.

If you are a camera-friendly person then  a good Sony Ericsson model or a Samsung phone might suffice. Check out the camera pixel rate, camera lens and memory card space. One can start off with a 2.0 mega pixel cell.

If you want more hi-tech features like music downloading, games, video recording; then there are broader options. Nokia renovates its models with such technologies practically every month.

If you want a mobile with these features plus an internet facility for checking office mails, internet faxing and online chats then a cell like RIM Blackberry can be picked.

However, the more advanced the cell is, the more careful one has to be with it. So before shopping for a cell phone, do the homework.