How To Shape Your Fingernails

How To Shape Your Fingernails

A perfect finger nail shape adds not only beauty to you but also helps to maintain a healthy cuticle and finger. If your nails are in good shape then it may protect your skin from cuts and scratches. Good shape of the nails may also protect your nails from chipping. Here are some tips that you can follow at home for shaping your nails.

Trim Your Nails

Wash your fingers and nails well and remove the dirt and dead tissues from the edges of the nails. Now decide what length you need for your trimmed nails so that you will be comfortable with your every day work. If you can’t maintain a longer nail in your day to day life, then go for a short nail. Once you decided the length then cut the nails straight across at the required length.

Shape Your Nails

Next you need to decide the shape whether a square or rounded shape. Square shape is now a day considered to be fashionable. Square shape prevents you from snagging your nails on the dress but at the same time square shape gives a shorter and stubby appearance to your fingers. If you have long hands and long fingers then a square shape may look great. For getting a square shape file your straight cut nail with an emery board and give a round shape to the sides. While filing the nails ensure that you are filing in one direction only as back and forth filing may leads to splits and chips on the nail. If you have a short hand with short fingers then a round shape will suit you better as it gives an elongated appearance.

Buff Your Nails

Once you got the perfect shape then buff your nails with a buffer to add shine to the nails. Buffing in turn improves the blood circulation beneath the nails and makes then strong and at the same time boosts their growth.

Color Your Nails

Now its time to color your nails, for this first you have to wash and dry your nails and then apply a base coat on them. Then apply the nail color in several thin layers one after the other and make sure that the previous layer is completely dried before applying the next layer. Then finish it with a clear top coat.

Now you have a perfectly shaped nails that are beautifully colored too.


  • that was really helpful! Thanks so much! I was trying forever to find away to shape my nails perfectly! This definitely helped! 😀 🙂