How to set up an office in your home

home-office Many people prefer to work from home either due to commuting troubles, health problems etc. Whatever the reason, working from home is a common phenomena. Many people set up offices in their homes.

Work from home needs to be efficient and productive. While an external office provides an organized set up, establishing the same in one’s home requires effort. You need to create it in such manner that it helps you to do your work well.

Your wishes and commands

Firstly, you need to decide what you require from your home office. Does it just involve research and typing? In that case, a computer, a phone and a notepad is all you need.

If your work involves financial or any other consulting, you’ll need to meet clients and keep papers and reference books. In that case, your home office needs multiply.

Your own space

Select a particular area of your home for setting up the office. It can be a separate room, a large alcove, an attic etc. Ensure that you have sufficient lighting and air in this work space and select a comfortable chair. You can add personal touches like color, photos, art work etc if possible.

In case you don’t have a room for your home office, you can use dividers and bookcases to separate your work area from the rest of the house.

Office supplies

Store all your office requirements in the home office — computer, phone, printer, fax machine, pens, paper, books etc. A built-in answering machine and a headset will make your telephone communication easier.

Keep all your possessions in an organized manner. Cluttering the office space will affect the productivity of your work by wasting time in looking for lost items. If your occupation involves plenty of paperwork, invest in good folders and filing cabinets to keep your work safe.

It is important to remember that when you work from home, you are responsible for everything. Set up a well-organized and comfortable office in your home for good results.