How To Select Wedding Anniversary Gifts

silver_wedding_anniversary The year is marked with many important occasions for an individual. Wedding anniversaries are special as the passing of each year signifies the strengthening of the couple’s commitment towards each other. To make the celebration of this day special, you need to make it meaningful by presenting the right gift to your spouse.

Each year has an associated meaning. Certain landmarks are celebrated widely such as the 25th wedding anniversary as the silver jubilee and the 50th as the golden wedding anniversary. Let us look at some other wedding anniversary milestones.

The first year

The 1st wedding anniversary is associated with the symbol of a clock in modern times. You can gift your spouse a desk clock with an attached pen stand. A personalized clock will be a memorable gift; you can also give decorated or antique clocks to spice up the interiors of your home.

The big 10

Diamond jewelry is the theme for the 10th wedding anniversary. Diamond earrings or pendants are ideal gifts for this occasion. Diamond watches or rings can be gifted to your husband.

Sweet 15

The 15th wedding anniversary is symbolized by watches. Go the extra mile and shop for a beautiful designer watch. Choose from a variety of designs, dials and straps—metal, leather or cloth. Inscribe your present with a special message to add a personal touch to your gift.

20 long, happy years

For the 20th wedding anniversary, the themes are platinum or bone china. Any gift item made from platinum or bone china will make your wedding anniversary celebration unique and meaningful.

Additionally, wedding anniversary years are also signified with different flowers and gemstones. For example, fuchsia flowers are associated with the third anniversary and the gemstone for the fifth anniversary is turquoise.

With a little research and preparation, you can find a vast array of gifts for almost any milestone of your wedding anniversary. It only comes once a year after all, so make it as special as you can.