How to select the right music for the right occasion

wedding_music1 Preparations for any important occasion involve a number of tasks — choosing the menu, the place etc. Music is also a key factor involved in the varied tasks to be completed for any event or occasion. Be it birthday parties, weddings, formal dinners or informal get-togethers, the music selection requires careful consideration. It sets the mood and ambience for any occasion.

Jarring background music can ruin the fun of a gathering like a too salty or sweet dish can spoil the taste. Read further for some tips on how to select the right music for your special event.

Nature of the event

The type of event is important. A kid’s party should have upbeat dance numbers and feel-good songs with popular rhythms. The children will thus be able to enjoy, dance or play games. Old classics, no matter how good, will put the children to sleep.

If it is a formal dinner party, then light instrumental music is ideal. Adults have conversations at dinner time and music that is too loud will only interfere with the event rather than enhance it.

People matter

It is important to know the kind of people that are expected at an occasion. A senior crowd would prefer to hear golden classics. If you know the guests well, then try and find out the kind of music they like. You can then include songs of different kinds to suit everyone’s tastes.

If you’re not sure about their musical tastes, the best choice would be popular songs that are pleasing to the ear. Here, hard rock or hip-hop songs would be unsuitable.

Time factor

Decide a specific time for your party and select the music accordingly. Loud rock or show music is inappropriate for breakfast meetings or luncheons. These are more suitable for dinner parties, depending on the crowd. Soft rock is best for morning and afternoon events.

Whatever the occasion, the right tunes go a long way in ensuring that your guests have good time. So have fun and select the right music for your special event.