How to select the right color for your wedding

wedding-color-scheme Colors have a powerful effect on a place and set the right mood for a gathering. A wrong color is unpleasant to the eye and can destroy the ambience of a setting. Hence, your wedding celebration also needs the right colors to create a happy and celebratory mood.

Colors will affect all the other components of your wedding ceremony as well – the bridesmaids’ dresses, the lights, decorations and photographs that will be set against the color you choose.

It is always best to select one dominant color and other complementary colors. Inspiration is everywhere if you just look in the right places.

Seasons in the wedding

The time of the year you get married can help you decide a color. Summer time mostly witnesses a lot of weddings. To echo the brightness of the season, you can choose light pale colors like blue, yellow, green and complement them with pastels. Winter means colors like gray, silver, dark or icy blue, dark red or gold.

Setting it right

The venue of your wedding ceremony is one of the most important decisions you make. If it’s a hotel, you need to choose shades that contrast with its background colors.

If the wedding is being held in your own house, then you have an abundant choice. You can select your favorite background color as well as complementary colors.

If the wedding is outdoors, then nature has already provided a magnificent backdrop. For a beach wedding, select colors that contrast the hues of the sea and sand. In a garden, the flowers and the green grass will contrast with softer shades of the dresses and decorations: pink, blue, purple, etc.

Listen to your heart

If you have a favorite color, then flaunt it as much as possible for your wedding. Use it for the decorations by finding the right combination. Remember that any color you choose should suit the person or place.

The color of your celebrations is a vital determining factor for the atmosphere of your big day. So keep the mood cheerful for your wedding.