How to select the right coffee table for your living room

coffee-table In a house, everything from the décor to the furniture contributes towards its beauty. This includes the cushy sofa set, the recliner, and the elegant lamps. The coffee table is the center of attraction among all the other furniture. Without it, you have a large blank space between the sofa and armchairs.

The right coffee table will add beauty to your living room but the wrong one will be a monstrosity sitting in the room where you entertain guests.

The functions of a coffee table

The first important step in buying a coffee table is to determine its function. What do you need to use the coffee table for? Certainly not just for placing a cup of coffee! Such tables serve different uses in various homes.

Resting place

While some may consider it rude or unhygienic, people do like to place their feet up on the coffee table while eating or watching T.V. It is a relaxed position to sit in after a long hard day at work. Besides if there are children in the house, how often can you tell them to keep their feet off the table?

In this case, it is best to avoid buying a table with a glass top. Wooden coffee tables would be a good option for such use.

Eating and drinking

If you plan to eat breakfast or snacks at the coffee table while sitting on the floor, avoid coffee tables that have a solid base. You need a strong table with legs so that everyone can sit comfortably.


In a small house, storage is always a problem. Here a coffee table cannot just be a piece of decorative furniture. If you need your coffee table to serve multiple purposes, then select one that has drawers or other storage facility.

Finally, the size of the table is important as a large sofa set will need a long coffee table. However, a small table will go wonderfully with a small sofa and chairs. So select a coffee table that is right in every way for your living room.