How to Select the Perfect Wedding Veil

wedding-veil Every bride takes great pains in selecting her wedding attire to achieve the perfect look. The bridal wedding veil is a traditional piece of the wedding attire. It was common to wear a veil in the olden days. But now brides have the option of not wearing a veil if they wish so.

As an accessory, the veil needs to complement your overall outfit. In addition, it should also be flattering for your figure and face. The veil is one of the last things you need to shop for. The kind of veil you purchase will depend on your gown and hairstyle.

The style

Veils come in all shapes and sizes with varied embellishments. The materials range from lace, tulle, silk and satin. They are also adorned with jewels, rhinestones, beads, embroidery etc.

Nevertheless, don’t be swayed by the attractiveness of the veil. Remember that it is only an accessory and should complement your gown, not steal focus from it. If your dress is elaborately decorated, then opt for a simple veil.

The size

Veils can be short like blushers that cover your face; they can be shoulder or elbow-length or can spread out the length of the floor. Select the size that you’re most comfortable with and one that looks good on you. Your wedding veil should make you look beautiful and not be a piece of attraction by itself.

The function of the veil

The decision of choosing the veil also depends on how long you plan to wear it. If it is to be worn only for the ceremony, then you can go for the long veil and remove it for the reception.

However, if you plan on wearing the veil for the entire wedding (ceremony and reception), then it is best to opt for a shorter one. This way you will be comfortable and won’t be bothered constantly by having to manage a long veil.

It’s only once that you have the chance to dress up like a princess with a gown and veil. So make the most of this opportunity!