How to select the perfect graduation gift

graduation_gifts_ideas High school or college graduation is a much-awaited event in a young person’s life. It symbolizes the end of an old era and the beginning of a new life. Many young graduates are elated to be passing out from school or college. A wonderful present from a friend or relative adds to the excitement.

While flowers, keepsakes, and pens make good gifts for graduation, you can also give the young graduate a present that he or she can use. Select something you know they will like and use. If you’re not sure of their tastes, present the graduate with an option to buy their own gift.

Subject of the gift

High school graduates can be presented with books or other gifts related to their subject major. Journalism majors could use a laptop for writing or a science student will appreciate a gift that is scientific in nature. If the person plays a particular sport, sports equipment would be a good gift.

Those graduating from college would like gifts that they could use in their future life. If they plan on studying further, you can give them books related to their field. If they plan to work, professional gifts like formal wear for a girl or ties and briefcases for a boy would make ideal gifts.

What they can use

Many graduates would like to have a car as a gift. However, if this is too expensive, you can opt for something simpler like giving cash so that they can select their own gift. Gift certificates for specific stores also make good presents. The youngsters can thus choose their own gifts.

Students living independently after graduation would need many items for daily use. You can give them a gift hamper of such things that they need like a phone, stationery, clothes, watch, alarm clock etc. A small refrigerator or T.V would also be of use to a student in a dorm or an apartment.

Think of the perfect gift for your graduate that he or she will enjoy and make the memorable event more special for them.