How To Select The Perfect Eye Shadow That Fits The Right Occasion

Eye shadows are an important and widely used cosmetic in eye makeup. Even if people do not use liners or eye pencils, eye shadows are used most of the time.There are different types of eye shadows, for example liquid eye shadows, cream based and powder based eye shadows.

But with such a wide range of shades available in the market, women often get confused about what shades would suit them for specific occasions. So here are a few tips that might help you to choose:

Sophisticated eye shades

If it’s an office presentation you are going for, being too flashy with your eye shades is not advisable. Choose eye shadows like plum, nude shades, lighter shades of brown or olives. Light colors like pearl, light blue and peach might do the trick.

However, how much your eyes will be highlighted depends on your complexion and eye color. For example, if you are fair then darker shades might look better. In case you have a duskier complexion, lighter shades would make your eyes look wider. Pearl and beige could do the trick.

Party eye shadows

If you are aiming for a celebrity or a prom look, then go for funky and colorful shades. Try shimmering eye shadows. Try shades like gold, silver, silky green, copper, and bronze or bright pink fuschia shades. You could also try Stellar Weave eye shadows. One can experiment a bit here, but it is better to ask a makeup adviser.

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Everyday eye shadows

If you want a regular natural eye makeup then there are a lot of choices. Once again beige or soft colored eye shadows like sage, yellow, light gray, light blue and pink might do well. You can add a bit of mascara and a water based liner for a better look.

Mysterious eye shadows

If you want to your eyes to strike out as mysterious and bizarre then you can always try smoky eye shadows. Try a dark charcoal shade or a deep purple. Or you can also use darker shades of brown, gray and blue. Add a bit of silver shimmer or metallic shades if you want to get those gothic and mysterious eyes.

There are thousands of other options depending on your skin and eye tone, your eye shape and your own personal style. Keep experimenting and you might come up with some new innovation with your eye shadows.