How to Select the Best Wine for Your Wedding

wedding_wine Every little detail involved in the planning of your wedding reception is important. This includes the wine—the accompaniment to all your meals and toasts. While you don’t want your guests to become tipsy with a surfeit of good wine, you definitely don’t want to hear them complain about its bad quality either.

Several factors contribute to your decision about the selection of wine for your wedding. You need to be sure about the kind of reception and cuisine you have planned. Then you can proceed to wine tasting and buying.

One for each

Decide whether you want separate wines for each of the items on your menu. Remember that some wines go with only certain types of food. So it is best to have a varied selection of wines. However, don’t follow the menu too strictly. It is also important to have wine that you will like.

Expert advice

Seek help from professionals who know everything there is to know about wine. Let them know your menu and listen to their suggestions about which wine would be best for your reception.

Quality and quantity

Your guest list should be final by now so that you know how much wine to purchase. Also, you need to be sure about the manner of serving: whether it is going to one glass per guest or unlimited serving.

Find out about the best wine prices and inquire if you get a discount on making a bulk purchase. Be wary of cheap wine as it may not necessarily be of the best quality.

More than you can use

It’s not practical to keep a tab on how much wine everyone is drinking at the reception. Someone may end up having more than they need to and you’ll face a shortage because you had calculated the exact quantity that the guests would need.

Hence, it is always best to have an extra box of wine, in case of an unexpected scarcity.

Enjoy selecting the perfect wedding wine. Drink to the good health of your guests and to a happy future!