How To Select Shoes That Fit Your Surroundings Perfectly

shoes1 You reach office one day wearing your brand new shoes, expecting everyone to rave and rant about them. However, instead of hearing jealous comments, you end up overhearing comments like – ‘Is she out of her mind! She’s wearing hiking shoes to office!’

Well, it will indeed be an embarrassing situation if you wear hiking shoes at a corporate milieu. It also reflects that you do not possess the proper knowledge to select the appropriate footwear for a certain place. But there is no need to worry. A few tips can improve your footwear knowledge significantly.

Office Shoes

The best choices for office wear are stylish pumps, sling backs, medium/ high heeled shoes or even classic kitten heels. These shoes compliment formal wears like trousers and short pencil skirts. If chosen with a little care, for example selection of heel size, color and texture, they can make you stand out among your colleagues.

Sports Shoes

Atheletic shoes, running shoes and keds are the apt footwear that one can choose for a regular exercise routine or morning jogs. There are specific shoes for specific sport events too, like trail running shoes for runners and basketball shoes for basketball players. There is a huge range of sport shoe brands that are available, for example – Nike, Reebok and Adidas. Make sure the shoes are comfortable and fit the shape of your leg.

Stylish and Fashionable shoes

If you are looking forward to a classy social party or a fashion pageant then, stylish high heels, stilettos, strappy metallic sandals look very graceful and fashionable. One can also opt for Espadrilles or medium/high heeled slide shoes.

Casual wear and funky shoes

If you are looking out for plain comfort or shoes that will match your casual wear like jeans, jackets, long skirts etc then Swedes boots, Fringe boots or funky wedge shoes are a good choice. Try to experiment a bit here. For example, wear black fringe boots with your denims or funky wedge shoes with your long skirt.

Comfortable shoes

When it comes to basic comfort and everyday wear, ballet flats, canvas flat shoes, Crocs shoes and Clogs are an obvious choice. These shoes are pragmatically designed to perform your daily duties and move around freely.

These are only a few options that you can choose from. Designer shoe brands are creating stylish women’s wear every passing day. So go ahead and fill up your shoe rack fast and soon.