How to select items for a wedding registry

wedding-registry It is quite common these days for couples to have a wedding registry through which their guests can buy gifts. The latter are relieved as they won’t have to break their head over what to get you for a gift. But is it a relief for you as a couple?

The process of registering for gifts needs to be done wisely. If you waste your own money shopping for something you don’t need, you have only yourself to blame. But if you make a mistake while registering, you’ll not only be wasting other people’s money but also hurting their sentiments.

It’s not everyday that you get a chance to select your own gifts. So make the most of this golden opportunity and select the right items for your wedding registry.

Read your own mind

Think carefully about what you and your fiancé need for your new home. If it’s completely unfurnished, you’ll need kitchenware, linen, furnishings etc. Make a list of these items before you set out to register.

Also, both of you should agree about the items on the list to avoid unnecessary unpleasantness. Ugly fights about whose side of the family gave a gift that was disagreeable to the other should be avoided.

Wisdom and wedding gifts

Do you really want camping equipment or a set of golf clubs? It would be a waste especially if you don’t go camping or play golf. Don’t choose your gifts thinking, “I plan to start working out” or “I’ll learn how to bake after my wedding”.

Select your gifts based on what you really need or want. For instance, it’s okay to register for a cappuccino maker if you love drinking cappuccino.

Don’t go astray

Once your list is ready, don’t get carried away by other attractive items on display at the store. The salesperson is just doing his job by convincing you to select an ornate crystal vase. You need to be strong and register only for those items that you need.

If necessary, you and your partner can hold hands and guide each other through the wedding registry!