How to Select a Healthy Orchid Plant

orchid-plant Orchid

Orchids are one among the most beautiful flowers for your garden. The orchid flowers are found to have good life span and they are known as queen of flowers. These flowers can be used as cut flowers and has got good commercial value as well. If you are planning to start an orchid garden then you have to buy healthy orchid plants for your garden. Only healthy plants will grow and flourish and will help you to increase the number of plants. The following steps may help you to find out a healthy orchid plant.

Select a Good Orchid Plant

When you go for buying an orchid plant from a nursery follow the below steps and you will definitely get a healthy plant.

1.    Roots

First of all check the roots of the plant. The healthy roots will be covered with a layer of white colored velamen tissues which protect the roots from water loss and heat. Hence the roots appears light green when it is dry and looks dark when wet. The tip of the healthy roots will be shiny green, long and pointed. If the length of the growing tip is more that means the plant is healthy. The dead roots will appear as whitish when dry and shriveled and tan when wet. If the orchid plant has more dead roots then avoid the plant as it will difficult for the plant to survive.

2.    Leaf

The leaves of the orchid are of different types depending up on the variety of the plant. Phalaenopsis like orchids will have thick and fleshy leaves while oncidium like orchids have thin and elongated leaves. What ever the leaf type check the leaf for any diseases like black spot or for insect damages caused by bugs, snails etc. If there is any damage on the leaf then discard the plant. The healthy leaves are light green in color and if it is dark green that means it is given too much fertilizer. Such plants won’t flower immediately. Also see the growing tip of the plant and select the plant only if it has healthy growing tips.

3.    Flowers

The orchids form spikes which contains lot of flowering buds. These buds open from the lowest point and then proceed towards the tip. When you select an orchid then choose the one that has more flower spikes and more unopened flower buds. This is because if the orchid is in full bloom that means it is going to end its flowering. If possible choose the plants that do not flower as it will be difficult and needs more care for the flowering orchid to flourish in a new garden and many of the orchids may die after flowering.

4.    Tag

While selecting an orchid see the attached tag and it must contains the details like name of the hybrid or species, its parents etc. As this will help you to choose the cares required for a particular variety and thus can improve your collection.