How To Select A Haircut That Reveals Your True Self

prom-hairstyle1 Have you ever wondered what makes us label some people ‘a typical tomboy’ or ‘a plain Jane?’ One’s attitude, language and clothes are definite pointers. But there is another factor that could act as an active personality indicator – your hairstyle or haircut.

Some people end up maintaining a certain hairdo unintentionally throughout their lives. But some consciously choose haircuts that speak volumes about their persona. And if you are confused what haircut would highlight your image fruitfully, then here are some tips you could consider:

Roughish and Tomboyish haircuts

Guys and girls who like to maintain a no-nonsense, rough and tough image could try short haircuts like a close cropped haircut, crew cuts, buzz haircuts, military cuts, razor cuts, spiked haircuts and Emo haircuts.

‘Nice Boy’ or ‘Girl Next Door’ haircuts

Those who prefer a sober and a clean image can go for angled bob haircuts which suit most faces nowadays. Short blond haircuts and long straightened haircuts always go well on girls. Whereas guys could try out the ‘Side Swept Bang’ haircut or stick to parted hair for that studious look.

Sexy and funky haircuts

People aiming for a high school diva or rock star look often go for short funky haircuts for example, a ‘Pixie’ haircut or medium layered cuts. Wavy haircuts-either long or short; long curls, prom haircuts and long tresses and bangs are some haircuts that can make girls look pretty. For guys, slightly long surfer haircuts, tousled hairdos or a shaggy haircut look smart. Short layered cuts and medium short cuts are yet another option.

Weird and bizarre haircuts

People who want to strike out as exceptional characters or wish to reflect their eccentric selves to people could try out Cornrow, Dreadlocks or Mohawk hairstyles. Girls could try more choppy and messy haircuts.

Our haircut not only reflects our persona to a certain extent, but it also plays a crucial part in developing our own individual style. So every time you decide on a haircut, take a good look at the mirror and make sure it brings out the quintessential ‘you’ in front of others.