How to revamp your house with an oriental look

oriental-decor You have just whitewashed and renovated your home interiors according to the most popular home designing trends doing rounds. But when you visit your neighbor’s house to boast about your refurbished interiors, you are disenchanted to see that their interiors appear like a familiar cousin of your own home decoration.

Popular trends often become too familiar. Whenever it’s summer, people think of light wall paints. Vases filled with summer lilies adorn most neighborhood houses. So, how to choose a different interior scheme for your house? Ever considered an oriental look? Here’s how you can go about it:

Use contrasting scheme for wall colors

Rather than using pale colors, use a compilation of contrasting color tones for two adjoining walls. For example, if you have chosen a silky white paint as one tone then chose a dark crimson or a bright saffron shade for its adjoining wall. Vibrant wall colors give an exotic texture to the walls and augment the oriental look.

Replace regular accessories with exotic ones

Avoid using regular vases and paintings. Use delicate Chinese and Japanese painted porcelain and ceramic items. Place them in the right places. Deftly embroidered Persian and Japanese rugs enhance the foreign look. They come with a splash of multiple colors and patterns. Chose them with care and match them with your wall colors.

Also, there are a number of Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian and Indian items that can be added to house décor; for example, use Chinese calligraphic characters on paper cuttings or a framed scarab papyrus for your walls. Replace a normal paper weight with a gem studded Ganesha idol. Use ‘yin-yang’ wall hangings.

Replace summer lilies with bonsais

Instead of English plants, try using smartly pruned Bonsais and Bamboo shoots. Money plants and Basil plants are also a vital part of Asian households. Japanese maples and shrubs like Acer Palmatums could effectively add to the oriental design.

Use delicate furniture and oriental lighting scheme

An oriental home décor is incomplete without the apt furniture and some special interior elements. Sliding ‘Shoji’ door kits and Chinese silk painted room dividers could do the trick. Low wooden tables, chairs and Haiku designed furniture add to the exotic charm.

If placed rightly, oriental paper lamps and Yokohama Floor lamps can do wonders.

Other than these, there are millions of items that could add to an oriental look. If you are already aiming for it, a Feng Shui expert or an interior decorator is the person you should be heading to.