How to rekindle love in your life

rekindle-love Love is life! who will deny this? But it is often found that love loses it intensity with time. The passion diminishes, the lust vanishes and emotions evaporate. May be this happens because we get used to our life and our partner, there are hardly any changes. No excitement, no challenges and above all no adventure. Quite naturally we get bored and disinterested in our love life and many of us look for something more exciting and adventurous somewhere else. Relations become bitter and often ends up  in a breakup.

The reason is nothing but monotony, once life becomes mechanical the thrill and enthusiasm disappears. Therefore, it becomes essential to rekindle your love life. Of course we don’t want to lose that special person in our life who had made life so precious and meaningful for us may be a few years back. So, why not start things afresh?

Take a walk down the memory lane, think of things that you two enjoyed doing the most in the glorious past and try to repeat them once again in your life. This will refresh your memories. Cherish each moment.

Do something for your partner, just to make him or her feel good. Take for example buy a small gift without any reason or may be leave a love note. Do simple things within your limits. Often small gestures work wonders in relations.

Give a break to your daily life, plan for an outing or a meal outside. What I mean is, forget your tensions and burdens for a while and spend time together. Relish each other’s company.

Plan for something strange that you have not done before, may be something erotic. This will help to break your boredom. You will find a new individual in your soul mate. You might ever encounter something, which you never knew all this while. Explore new boundaries!

Love is something so special. Why not make an attempt to save before it bids adieu?