How to register for wedding gifts

wedding_gifts Informing your guests about what you want for your wedding gift may seem rude, but not if it is done with the help of a wedding registry. Registering for wedding gifts is a tradition that started in the early 20th century. It enables the engaged couple to tell their guests about their needs for the new home.

Close friends and family will know what the couple needs but not all the guests have this privilege. It would be too uncomfortable for both parties involved if they were to ask the couple directly what they want.

To avoid such an uncomfortable situation, it is best for the couple getting married to register for gifts in advance. While doing so, they need to bear certain important things in mind.

Gift, gift and gift

Some couples may register at one store, whereas others may choose two or three stores. In the latter case, they need to be careful about not repeating the same item again. One of the main purposes of registering is to avoid getting three sets of glassware or five blenders in different colors.

Variety is the spice

Do a thorough research before making your gift list. There are plenty of options available from home décor to kitchen items, linen etc. Besides there are certain unconventional gifts such as honeymoon packages, contributions for buying a house or donations towards a charitable cause.

Also, it is necessary to mind the price range of the items selected. The couple needs to remember that the guests will all have various budgets. It is best to register for costly as well as inexpensive items. This will give the guests sufficient choice.

Together forever

The gifts received will be a part of both the bride and the groom’s future life in one home. Hence, it would be best for the couple to do the wedding gift registry together. It will serve the interests of both and avoid disagreements over gifts.

The wedding gift registry is one of the first steps for the couple to build their life together. So enjoy selecting wedding gifts together.