How to reconcile with your sweetheart after a bitter fight

break-up Where there is deep love, there are bound to be conflicts as well. No relationships are picture perfect. Very often you might find out that your boyfriend/girlfriend or life partner with whom you always thought you have shared the perfect equation; might argue with you over some insignificant, trivial issue. And soon that issue blows up to proportions which thwarts conversations between you both for days or maybe weeks.

But there is always a silver lining if you do not want this temporary fight to end up in a permanent break up. Keeping a few things in mind can always rejuvenate this special relationship.

Do not try to avoid each other for a long time after a fight. Communication is the key to reconciliation. Even if your partner is adamant, you should start the conversation by apologizing. Discuss and try to find solutions to the problem that led to your fight.

Even if you are not physically in touch with each other, sort everything out over the phone. If your partner is not accepting calls then send a ‘sorry’ or ‘I miss you’ message on his/her cell phone. A voice message could prove even more efficient as your emotions will get reflected even more transparently and will strike a chord at the other end too.

Once that basic interaction level is achieved; try to reignite your partner’s passion and interest in activities that you both enjoyed doing together. For example, order his/her favorite movie and watch it together on the home video. Take your sweetheart out to his/her favorite restaurant for a candle light dinner.

Compliments and taking care of each other’s likes and dislikes play a great role in bonding you two. For example, even if you don’t particularly like your partner’s favorite shirt, tell him he looks cute when he wears it. If you both have decided to go out on a date, wear a dress that he might have gifted you sometime back.

A little display of care and affection gradually starts to flare up the warmth in your relationship that you had before the fight. Breaking up is always an easier option. But if few simple actions could stop you from losing a possibly precious relationship, then why not try them and wipe off remnants of your conflict?