How to prepare snacks for a sports party

guys-watching-sports-on-tv Be it football, basketball, baseball or soccer — when it’s the sports season, millions of excited fans crowd stadiums to watch their favorite games. Those who are unable to go to the games, sit glued to their T.V. sets at all hours of the day. People gather in clubs, bars or friends’ houses to share the excitement of their favorite teams competing in the games they love.

But there’s another factor involved when it comes to viewing games on television. Food or snacks, to be more accurate, are just as important. Put together a gathering of sports lovers, a television set and some delicious snacks and drinks: you’ve got yourself a sports party. In this case, it’s necessary to keep everyone happy and not hungry.

Prey to popcorn

Few can resist this snack that keeps you munching for hours. Some like popcorn with butter. There is also the plain salted or sweet caramel popcorn. If you’re adding flavor, make sure that you have non-flavored ones as well. People have different tastes when it comes to flavors.

Chips and pretzels

Nothing beats the joy of eating the traditional potato chips and pretzels. Serve these in a variety of types and flavors. Also prepare some delicious dips to enhance taste.

Cream cheese makes a great dip for chips. Pretzels can be served with mustard. You can also combine cheese and chili to make a fabulous chili cheese dip for chips.

Drinking fountain

With all the munching of snacks, your guests are bound to feel thirsty. So don’t forget to include drinks in your sports party menu. Beer and cocktails are popular with most. You can also have juices for the health conscious.

Sweet tooth

To add some variety, also include desserts for the sports party. Cookies and chocolate brownies made in advance or bought from the market make yummy desserts.

The main idea behind preparing a sports party menu is to keep it simple. After all, you’ll want to focus all your attention not in the kitchen or on the serving but on the game!