How to prepare healthy and delicious school lunches

lunch_box Healthy eating is a major concern for parents in these days of junk food and cola drinks. Children usually prefer to eat chips and chocolates rather than have a nutritious meal. Since lunch is mostly taken in school, it is difficult for the parent to monitor what the child eats and drinks.

The solution is to pack a healthy lunch for your children everyday. It may be time-consuming but preparing in advance will help to some extent. Complete your shopping and menu planning on a particular day of the week. Once you have everything ready, it won’t be difficult to pack a nourishing lunch for your child every morning.

Children like fried and ready made products because they taste better than healthy food. Therefore, a school lunch needs to be delicious and appealing to the child while providing nutrition too.

Variety is the spice

Prepare different kinds of meals everyday. Children tend to get bored of the same salads and sandwiches day after day. They would be excited to see something new and tasty in their lunchbox.

Healthy substitutes

Wean your child off the chips and burgers slowly with a nourishing alternative. Add roasted nuts, popcorn or banana chips as crispy food that children will enjoy.

Healthy home meals

It will be worth learning few new recipes if your children start liking nutritious food. Pizzas and chocolate chip cookies are a favourite food item with many youngsters. If you can make these at home, they will be much more beneficial for your child than readymade products.

Fruit delights

Fruits can be added to the lunchbox as a substitute for sugary desserts like cakes. Prepare a fruit salad with cherries, bananas, apples and grapes. Fruit bread is also a good option for a lunchbox dessert.

It is important to cover the basic food groups in the daily meals of a child. Be creative in giving the child what he or she wants for lunch with a good dose of nourishment.