How to Prepare For a Blind Date

blind-date Most people, single or married, have played the dating game. Sometimes this game results in victory whereas defeats are not uncommon either. For blind dates, you’re going virtually blind as you haven’t seen this person before and know nothing about him or her.

If a well-meaning friend or relative has arranged the date, it probably won’t be a horror. But if it’s an Internet chat room friend, remember that you’ll be spending time with a practical stranger.

What not to wear

Avoid wearing anything flamboyant, revealing, expensive or uncomfortable. First impressions are important and you wouldn’t want to make the wrong one.

Be modest and casual in your attire for a relaxing date. Blind dates are tense enough without having to worry about how your appearance too.

Where do you go?

Avoid noisy bars, clubs and cinema halls. Instead meet for dinner or lunch, coffee and dessert. To be safe, make sure it is a public place with plenty of people. Keep the date short and simple. If you’re not having a good time, you can make a quick escape.

Ensure that you inform a friend about your plans. In case anything goes wrong, you can call them for help.

Date etiquette

Be polite and nice. Men need to know that chivalry is not outdated and women should appreciate these gallant gestures. At the start, settle the money issue. Be honest if you want to share payment of the bill.

Maintain a steady flow of conversation during the date. Talk about his or her family, friends, work, likes, dislikes and general matters like music, movies etc. Steer clear of political and religious debates as well his or her past love life. Be a good listener and don’t monopolize the conversation.

The end

Whether or not you’ve had a good time, always try to end the date on good terms. Be gentle in your refusal. If a second date is in the offing, thank them and let them know you had a good time.

Remember it’s just a date so keep it casual. Relax and have a good time!