How to Potty Train Your Child

potty-training Potty Training

Potty training is a process of teaching your kid to use the potty instead of wetting their diaper. Many parents consider this as a big head ache. It is nothing but a matter of communication between you and your kid. You can start the training when your kid let you know that his/her diaper is dirty. This indicates that the child has the mental and physical ability to under go training. Most of the kids around two year’s age will be ready for training. If you are ready to make consistent effort then you can start it after six months itself.

Symptoms of Doing Potty

Most of the kids will make some strange facial expression and at times will move towards some corner or particular place in the home. Usually kids stop playing at this time and they may even pass gases. Some kids will concentrate on their potty or wash room. Just before passing stool their body will become tensed and stiff.

How to potty Train

To start with the potty training first you have to understand the symptoms shown by your kid before passing stool or urinate. Also note the timing of your kid’s urination and defecation. Buy an attractive potty that fits your baby well so that your kid likes to sit on the potty. Make some fixed time for doing potty and take your child regularly at this time. Any negligence on your part will make the training longer. Familiarize your kid with some sounds for doing potty and this helps your kid to understand that he has to do potty when ever you make the sound.

When ever your kid is using potty properly there you need to reward him. Try to wear dress your kid in the clothes that are easily removable so that the kid can undress by himself while using the potty. Also you have to avoid the use of disposable diapers while training your kid. This will help you to note the timing of your kid’s urine and stool and also helps the kid to realize what he is doing. The wetness he feels after urination will drive him to use his potty.

Using diapers in between will make the kid confused and he may not use the potty easily.

Before going to sleep and after waking up, take your kid to potty and this helps to get rid of the bed wetting habit. Also teach your kid to clean his potty and make sure that he is cleaning his hands after this. This will build a good habit of hygiene in them.