How to plan the perfect movie night

movie-night Are you stuck indoors due to bad weather or down on your luck with dates and parties? Say goodbye to boredom and have your own little party indoors with a fun and action-filled movie night. It doesn’t require much planning either so don’t worry about being ‘the host’.

A movie night involves watching a movie with friends or family, eating junk food and basically having fun. Here are some tips with which you can spice up movie nights and make the most of a motion picture experience.

Seating arrangement

It’s very uncomfortable to stand and watch a film so make sure that your friends have enough places to sit. Arrange for chairs, ottomans, cushions, rugs etc. To set the mood of the movie, you can have posters of its actors on the walls.

Now showing…

The most important decision to make is selecting the movie. You can choose a common favorite (doesn’t have to be a new movie) or an interesting classic that everyone would enjoy.

You can also have a movie marathon session by watching a trilogy such as ‘The Godfather’, ‘The Lord of the Rings’, ‘Spiderman’ etc.

The more, the merrier

Advertise your movie night if you would like to have a large crowd. You can make copies of the movie poster and write the details like the venue, time etc on the back.

Movie munch

You can’t have a movie session without popcorn so make sure you supply this in plenty. Ask your friends to bring along flavors that they like and provide butter and cheese for those who want it. Also provide chips, sodas, cookies, pizzas and sandwiches to suit a variety of tastes.


Sitting for hours can get tiring so take a break from staring at the T.V. and eating. Play some film-related games like quizzes and arrange prizes for those who give the maximum number of correct answers.

Some students also take film class in college and they can have discussions about the movie, its techniques, special effects etc.

So have a good time with some Hollywood-style entertainment.