How To Plan An Unusual Wedding

underwater-wedding1 Preparing to say the big ‘I do’ is no easy task. A lot of work goes into planning a wedding. Since it comes only once in a lifetime (for most people at least!) why not try and make your wedding day special? Infuse a little individuality by planning wacky weddings.

Traditionally, couples are supposed to have the white gown, black tuxedo, church ceremony and the reception after in a hotel. But couples who want to be different can try some weird wedding ideas.

It’s all about you

Plan the wedding so that it reflects your interests. If there is a common passion that you and your partner share, then let your wedding echo it. For instance, if you both enjoy sports, you can get married in a sports stadium.

If you have a passion for old movies, plan your wedding around that theme. Dress up in the style of your favorite characters. You can also select a dress code for your guests.

Underwater weddings or getting married on cliffs has also been a trend with couples who dare to be different. Nevertheless, it is important to avoid extremes in trying to be unusual. The risk of hurting someone should be prevented at all costs.

Location, location

If neither you nor your partner has any specific interests that you would like to incorporate in your wedding, then invite the unusual to your reception, literally. Choose places that are famous for their legends and mysteries. Haunted inns, hotels and castles with their mysterious charm will add an unusual touch to your wedding.

But remember…

Any ordinary wedding requires planning and an unusual one even more so. Be prepared and make a list of tasks to be completed. Keep in mind the comfort of your guests and acquire necessary permission to use any unusual venue you’ve chosen. Have a talk with your family and friends and explain your ideas to them well.

Think out of the box when you plan your wedding for some unique fun. And prepare in advance so that nothing goes wrong on the big day.