How to plan an office party

office-party In an office party, people who work together at different levels and in different departments come together for a social gathering. Planning a party for such a diverse group is a tough task. Every detail of the social gathering needs to be determined with care.

If you’re an official or unofficial party planner at your workplace, consider following the tips given below for planning a successful office party.

The finance committee

Keep a modest budget for the party. Overspending will reflect badly on your money-management skills. Consider the source of the funds for the party as well. Is it coming from the office or has everyone chipped in from their pockets? In either case, the money needs to be spent with discretion.

On the clock

The whole point of the party should be to ensure that all employees come and have a good time. So check with everyone before setting a fixed date for the party.

A weekday should be avoided as much as possible. If you cannot have it over the weekend, then select a day during the week when the workload is not too heavy.

The party place

If you’re having the party in the office, make sure you obtain the required permission. In addition, all important papers and office equipment should be kept out of harm’s way to avoid a disaster.

A local restaurant near the office is a good venue for an office party as long as it is comfortable and the food is good. If a larger venue, like a hall, is needed, then select one that is convenient for all to travel to.

Entertainment tonight

To set the mood of the party and make everyone feel relaxed, it is necessary to have a good source of amusement. If possible, you can have a live band or hire a DJ to play good music. Arrange to play some fun games that everyone can participate in.

Finally, talk and mingle with everyone and have a good time!