How to Plan An Engagement Party

engagement-party It’s all excitement and joy after you and your beloved have decided to get married. Before you start your wedding plans, you’ll probably want to throw an engagement party to announce the happy news to your family and friends. This party deserves good planning and preparation to start the countdown to your wedding on a positive and cheerful note.

An engagement party can be a grand affair or an intimate gathering depending on your convenience and budget. One of the basic rules of planning an engagement party is the guest list: avoid inviting anyone who is not invited to the wedding.

The place

The venue of your party can vary according to the number of guests you’ve invited. The home of the bride or groom is suitable for a small gathering. Otherwise, you can book a hall or arrange the party at a restaurant.

The food

You don’t necessarily need to have a lavish feast. A simple dinner party, brunch, or even a tea party will suffice. Whatever the menu, make sure it is prepared well and in advance so that there is no last-minute rush.

The socializing

Sometimes an engagement party serves as a way of introducing the two families involved. In that case, you need to keep yourself free enough to make the necessary introductions.

Initiate pleasant topics and keep the conversations going. You don’t want to end up feeling that you’re guests are from two different planets.

The time

It would be best to keep the party right after you’ve got engaged and before you start making any wedding plans. This way you won’t be stressed out about planning two events.

Dressing up

An engagement party should be a casual affair. Avoid wearing anything similar to your wedding attire. Select casual and colorful dresses or semi-formal wear. If your party has a theme, then you can dress accordingly and inform your guests about the theme as well.

Finally, take plenty of pictures and videos of your engagement party so that you can remember it in the years to come.