How to plan a wedding rehearsal dinner

wedding-dinner The Big Day has finally arrived and everyone involved in the wedding is filled with anxiety and anticipation. It’s time now to rehearse the ceremony and the vows, the wedding procession and take care of thousand other details to ensure a perfect wedding day.

This wedding rehearsal is traditionally followed by a rehearsal dinner. It offers the wedding party a chance to relax and unwind before the wedding day. Hence, a rehearsal dinner need not be a formal occasion.

Generally, the groom’s family hosts the event. However, couples nowadays prefer to pay for the dinner themselves. Even the bride’s parents can host the dinner if they wish to do so.

Guest list

Usually the people involved actively in the wedding participate in the rehearsal dinner. However, you can choose to invite as many people as you want. The invitations need not be printed out. You can inform everyone on the telephone, in person, or via email.

Budget issues

The wedding preparations may have already cost you much expenditure by this time. Hence, avoid being extravagant for the rehearsal dinner if you can’t afford it. A simple dinner in a restaurant or house will be sufficient. The important thing is to relax and spend time with the guests.


If you want the rehearsal dinner to be exceptional, consider some unconventional ideas for planning this event. You can arrange a pool or beach side party, barbeque, picnic or potluck. Thus, it becomes a casual affair and you can avoid taking stress about it.

Say no to alcohol

Remember that it’s the day before the wedding and everyone in the wedding party has a long day ahead. So keep the alcohol intake nil or minimum. Avoid hosting the dinner too late to ensure that the bride, groom and the rest of the party get enough rest before the wedding.

A rehearsal dinner enables the couple to thank their friends and relatives for all their help and support. Other members of the wedding party can raise toasts to the good health and well being of the to-be-newly-weds.