How to plan a trekking trip

trekking-in-the-himalayas Does the sight of mountains and rivers excite you more than Gothic churches and museums? Then a trekking trip is the perfect vacation for you. Walking through villages, roughing it on rocky hills and beholding beautiful natural sights are various delights offered by this adventurous sport.

Trekking trips are of varied kinds. They can be one-day hikes or month-long expeditions, depending on the nature of the trek. If you want to plan a trekking trip, there are certain important tips to keep in mind.

What kind of trekker are you?

The kind of trekking trip you select firstly depends on your physical ability. Find out from organizers and companies who plan treks about the varied levels.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll need to select an easy trek with minimum difficulties. An advanced trekker can select more challenging routes and terrains.

In addition, there are varied regions to choose from for trekking. The mountains of Himalayas and Andes, Europe, Asia, South America etc are popular destinations for trekkers.

Are you fit and fine?

One of the most important things to go trekking is a healthy and strong physique. Remember that you won’t have the luxury of inns and planes or cars and buses. Treks are basically unorganized as trekkers walk from one place to another, stopping to rest in camps or huts.

Get in shape

Whether weak or not, everyone who decides to go trekking needs preparation in fitness and walking. A few weeks or months before your trip, practice walking on a regular basis. Start an exercise routine and go on hikes on weekends.

Adequately equipped

A good backpack and a sturdy pair of hiking boots are essential for trekking. Select a backpack that fits your body well, and is light and strong. Practice walking with a full backpack to prepare for trekking. Break into your new boots to avoid pain and discomfort during the trek.

Adventure adds new excitement and energy to life. Ensure that you’re prepared to enjoy your trek to the fullest.