How to plan a medieval party

celebration Theme parties are not uncommon these days. However, you don’t want to imitate others and have conventional themes that will have your guests yawning and dying of boredom.

Instead you can go back in time, centuries ago and take your friends with you. And you don’t have to build a time machine. Simply bring the medieval ages into your party and let your guests have a ball.

Medieval mood

Create a feel of the 14th century by removing all reminders of the 21st century. This includes all electronic appliances – television, computer, stereo etc. If you don’t have a spare room, you can drape these with huge lengths of fabric. It would be best to search for patterns that resemble tapestries.

Décor of the Ages

Paper torches, fake fireplaces, and trumpets are essential for transforming the party into an authentic medieval setting. You can make these or buy them from shops. A coat of arms and multi-colored banners complete the look of the Middle ages.

Medieval music

The Middle ages were known for their troubadours. These were musicians who sang songs of war, love and chivalry. You can have someone who sings and plays well to dress up as a troubadour and provide the music for the party rather than using CDs.

The messenger

You can convey your planned theme to your guests from the very beginning and set the mood of the Middle ages. Prepare the invitations by hand rather then printing them on the computer. You can use parchment-like paper and wordings in old English. Words like ye, thou, shall, be etc are common.

Seal the envelopes (made from the same parchment paper) with wax or roll the paper into a scroll and tie it with a ribbon. Dress up as a courtier, town-crier or lady-in waiting while delivering the invitations.

Be as creative as you can while planning your medieval theme party. You can take inspiration from the literature, religion, and royal courts and bring the medieval ages into the 21st century!