How to plan a karaoke night

karaoke-night Karaoke enables singers to sing along with recorded music using a microphone. If you’re musically oriented, liven up your social gatherings by having a karaoke night. A karaoke party brings fun, music and entertainment to all while fulfilling the wishes of those who love to express themselves by singing.

Stars of the night

Karaoke night should not become a one-man show. Include a lot of people in your guest list who love to sing and aren’t shy of being in the limelight. Collect a group of fun-loving and enthusiastic participants as well as those who can provide background vocals. Otherwise, you’ll have every guest fighting for the microphone!

Down to the basics

You can’t have a karaoke without good equipment. Rent or buy a karaoke machine for the night. Select one that has good features — it should allow duets and multiple performers and permit modification of the song’s pitch and tempo.

The music

Select a theme that will make your music selection for the night easier. You can choose one or two genres of music and offer a wide range of songs. Having a songbook through which guests can select their songs would be ideal.

Karaoke rules

Avoid forcing anyone to sing if they don’t wish to be in the spotlight. Instead involve them in a group song or ask them to act as background singers. Ensure that no one is booed if they falter while singing. Instead cheer them along by clapping or singing and make them feel relaxed.

Karaoke atmosphere

Keep a separate section of the room as the stage. Use a lamp for the spotlight and add curtains so the singers can make a dramatic entry. They can also dress themselves up in costumes. You can award prizes for the best performance at the end of the party.

Food and drinks

Provide light food as the focus will mainly be on the music. Sandwiches, chips, cookies and cakes can be served along with lemonade and/or alcohol. Make sure there’s plenty of water and ice to satiate the singers’ thirst after their performance.

Have a rocking karaoke night!