How To Pick Your Perfect Pet

pet Most people like animals, but how do you decide what sort of pet (if any) is right for you and your family? Taking on an animal is a big commitment

The Home-Front – Firstly, consider what sort of home you live in and whether it suits an animal. For example a large dog is obviously not suited to an apartment block, but a fish or guinea pig would be fine.

Allergy woes? – Do you or any of your family have allergies? Many people find cat hair can worsen their hay-fever.

The clock’s ticking! – Time is an important factor in choosing the perfect pet for your family. If you work and there isn’t someone always around, a dog might not be the best choice. If you’ve a small yard as well, the dog will need and enjoy being walked once a day. On the plus side, it’s a great way to exercise both you and your pooch.

Impeccable Breeding Tips – If you’ve decided on a dog or cat, choosing the breed plays a large role in determining how much care they require. Sphinx breed cats are hairless, and need constant washing to ensure no infections appear. Certain dogs will shed more hair than others (meaning more cleaning, and possibly worsening allergies), while other dogs may be naturally more boisterous and hence not recommended for small children.

Money, Money, Money – If you’ve got your heart set on a pet but the bank balance is not as high as you’d like there are a range of exotic pets to buy. On the fish front there’s Siamese Fighting Fish which look more exciting than a regular goldfish; axolotl’s (or Mexican Walking Fish) are a slippery, underwater pet which are fun to feed, and react well to interaction; birds such as canaries are cheap and cheery; ferrets, rats and mice are all cute little pets which can be housed cheaply, and enjoy petting.

Whatever pet you end up buying, just be sure to provide your new family member with a nice home, plenty of food and water, and lots and lots of cuddles!