How to pick the right protein food for your diet

healthy-eating Protein is an important component in a balanced diet. They help in the creation of amino acids in the body which help in many bodily functions. Muscle building and tissue repair are few of them.

However, though essential for one’s body; one should be careful while selecting the right type of protein for one’s diet. Here’s how one can plan a protein rich diet:

Identify protein rich food

Different food items are endowed with different amount of protein. We can classify them in three main categories. The first category would comprise of milk and milk products like yoghurt, cheese etc.

The second level consists of lentils, vegetables, beans and nuts etc. And the third protein type is found mostly in fish and poultry products like eggs, meat, chicken, etc.

Separate protein from the calories

It is not just enough to know about the food items and hurry off to a grocery center. Evaluate your bodily needs and consume proteins accordingly. Different types of protein food have variable levels of fat as well.

Therefore, one needs to assess first what kind of protein their body requires. Generally, people wanting to lose weight should stay away from meat based products and certain dairy items like cheese and cottage cheese.

1 cup of skimmed milk and half cup of fat-free yoghurt are good options for them. People aiming for a muscle built-up and calorie gain should concentrate on fish, meat (mutton) and to some extent on egg protein.

Nuts and lentils are also very rich protein sources. Sprouted legumes can turn out to be healthy dietary option in place of a cheesy beef burger. However, nuts are fattening. So plan your diet with care.

Always take an expert advice

Even if you think you know enough about different kind of proteins, it is always advisable to take the advice of an expert dietician. Proteins are crucial for our body but an excess of any one kind can lead to disastrous results.

For example, an overdose of meat steaks and eggs will not only increase one’s body fat but also shoot up the cholesterol level.

Therefore, always consult an expert to decide what proteins types your body needs and in what amount.

A well-planned protein diet can help us remain fit and avert many health ailments. So if you are confused about what your ideal protein diet should be, rush to your dietician now.