How to pick out earrings that suit your face

earrings Even if we don’t deck ourselves with jewellery every day, most of us  change our earrings for different occasions. Earrings come in various shapes and sizes, but which one will highlight your face? Here are a few tips to decide:

Earrings for round faces

Round faces look great with elongated and dangling earrings. They give an impression of length to a round face. Drop earrings whether stone studded or long rectangle dangling earrings can be good options for round faces.

Earrings for oval faces

If you have an oval face shape, then you should congratulate yourself. Oval faces can carry off any earring pattern with ease and they look amazing too. For oval faces one can try hoops, small studs, spirals and tear-drop earrings too. Diamond or pearl studs as well as teardrop gem earrings look great on an oval face.

Earrings for square faces

For square faces, one can use mid-long tear drop earrings. Also, select earrings with rounded or angular edges. They also give a broader impression to the face. You can select from white metal jewellery or silver.

Earrings for long faces

If one has an elongated face, try complimenting them with a pair of chandelier earrings. One can also choose oval rings or long square earrings for such faces.

However, it better to stay away from long, stringy earrings as they make a long face look lankier.

Earrings for heart-sized faces

The earrings that go best with a heart-shaped face are medium tear drop earrings, mid-sized hoops and oval earrings. These help in enhancing that pointed chin look. Stay away from studs and small earrings.

Earrings for a diamond-shape face

Diamond-shaped faces look best with small or mid sized earrings. Small drop earrings can go well with such a face. Small oval rings or medium studs can also look good on a diamond-shaped face.

Earrings for wide faces

For broader or wider faces, sleek earrings and smart hoops can generally do the trick. One can also try flat or cascading earrings to make one’s face look long. However, it is better to stick to simple and sleek earrings rather than elaborate ones.

Even though the basics are now laid out for you to choose earrings that can match your face; there is always scope for experimentation. So move ahead, and pick out the perfect pair of earrings for your face.