How To Pedicure At Home

home-pedicure Perfect Home Pedicure Tips

As we look after our body everyday, we should look after our feet as well because a clean and properly trimmed foot is a signature of beauty. We should not neglect out foot and try to nourish it as far as possible. It is the foot that describes a person’s attitude and body language. Pedicure is the treatment generally done to the feet to make it look more beautiful and tidy. There are several steps of pedicure; some of them are discussed below.

The first step toward pedicure is removing the old nail polish form the nails. We can use some cotton and polish remover to handle this. We should avoid using alcohol based remover, but if the polish is very deep we cannot help it. The next step is to remove the stain form the nails, we can do this using some toothpaste or lemon juice. We can also use lavender oil to remove the stains.

The next step is to cut and file our nails in a proper order. We should trim our nail so that they appear tidy. The next step is to soak the feet in warm water containing aromatherapic oils and salt. Then we have to add some milk in the water and keep our feet for about ten minutes. This remove the dead skin form our feet and also helps to reduce the cracked areas of the leg and make it smooth.

The next step involves cuticle removing .We have to use cuticle remover that helps to remove a thin layer of skin form our nails. We should not try to remove the flesh of the toes. Then it is time to use the scrubber that removes the dead cells of the toe and make it smooth. We should use a good scrubber and scrub out feet until it has been polished properly.