How to pass time on a journey with travel games

travel-pack It is fun to go on a holiday but traveling to the planned destination may not be so much fun. Journeys often get tedious because of the long hours spent on buses, trains, etc. When you’re traveling with children, it is even more difficult as they may get irritable on the way.

A good way to avoid such tiresome situations is to play travel games. You know you’re stuck together for so-and-so hours so complaining will not make time pass easier. Playing travel games with your travel companions will ensure a pleasant and exciting journey.

And no, it’s not childish to play games. Think only about having a good time. It’s your vacation, and you can do want you want!

Travel scrabble

Scrabble is a popular game with children and adults and a great way to pass time. The travel version is modeled in a way to help you carry it easily in your luggage. This scrabble board also holds the pieces in their places so that they don’t fall off during the journey.

License plate game

The license plate game involves observation and thinking. It is a good test for your vocabulary and fun at the same time. For this game, you will require a pen and paper to keep track of the scores.

To play the game, you need to observe the license plates of cars passing by. One of you can read out the letters on it. The other travelers then try to form a word that has those letters in the same order as they were on the plate.

Pens and papers

If you don’t want to carry board games with you, mere pen and paper also suffice to play games. Tic-tac-toe is one such game (also called noughts and crosses) that requires at least two people. The same rule applies for Hangman.

Remember that if you’re driving, it is important to concentrate on the task in hand than playing games. Otherwise have a blast with travel games and you’ll reach your destination in no time at all!