How to Pack the Maternity Bag

maternity-bag How to Pack the Maternity Bag

Child birth is a very emotional moment for women and if it’s your first delivery then you will be in a mix of moods like fear, emotions, happy etc. At that moment it will be difficult for you to recollect the things that you want in hospital. So it’s good to pack your maternity bag before the due date. It will be better to pack the bags at least two weeks prior to your due date and at the time of pain you can leave for the hospital in minutes.

Arrange the Bag

First you have to collect the previous report to be done in hospital in advance like the pre admission papers and do the fill ups, so that you need not waste time for such formalities. Also carry your health insurance cards with you.

Take your clothing like night gowns, robe, nursing bras, nursing gowns or shirts, breast pads, fresh and neat under wears, sanitary pads etc. Even though hospitals will provide most of these things you have to carry such things as you may need this at some point of time. Also carry a pair of dress that can be used while returning home. You have to keep a pair of your partner’s dress also as he/she may accompany you to the hospital and have to stay there over night. Purchase some dresses for your new born and also one pair for his travel home. Carry a pair of socks, baby blanket, diaper, soft clothes and hat for your baby.

Keep the basic toiletries like toothbrush, tooth paste, body lotion, soap, deodorant; face cream, lip cream, hair brush, ponytail holder, hair clip, shampoo, conditioner, bath towel etc. Keep your husband’s shaving kit and accessories too. While choosing the soap and creams make sure that they are light scented as the baby’s are very sensitive to the smells. Also carry a pair of slippers with you as the floors will be chilling.

Carry your mobile phone, phone address book and email addresses with you as you may need this for informing people about your new born’s arrival. Never forget your camera and video camera along with you and make sure that it is fully charged. This will help you to shoot the first moments of your baby on this beautiful earth.