How to overcome fear

fear The element of fear often jeopardises an individual’s ability to achieve success. It is a prime obstacle that prevents us from moving ahead in life. From the very childhood it seems to engulf most of us in different spheres of life. It is almost like an incurable disease that pulls us back. We feel shaky and lack confidence because we accept defeat even before initiating any activity. Therefore, we never reach our goals. However the good news is that, this disease is curable!

Fear is a syndrome that resides in our mind. If you allow it to enslave our intellect, no one can help us out. Often it results due to repeated failure. At time it originates because we foresee things in a negative manner. Sometimes it is the outcome of our lethargy as we don’t want to come out of our comfort zone and try our luck.

The reasons can different but the outcome is the same. It is an impediment that diminishes our confidence and destroys our self esteem. Once we can eliminate this from our life we are sure to succeed.

Now, the question is how to overcome fear?

Well, it takes a constant and conscious effort. You need to take failure sportingly, you need to build a positive attitude and have to come out of your comfort zone.

This world is full of people who are pessimistic. More than helping you to accomplish your mission, they will discourage you. Try to keep away from them. Remember, only brave hearts can overcome fear.

Believe in yourself and be optimistic. Fear is nothing but a negative feeling, don’t allow it to rule over you. It might take time, but if you try sincerely one day you are sure to overcome your fears.

Life can offer you much more than what you expect. Only, you need to reach out for it and for that you have to explore life fearlessly.