How to organize your photo collection

organize-photos With swanky digital cameras entering the market, photography is increasingly becoming a popular hobby. In addition, photographs have been collected in families for centuries. These are of varied kinds—from the old black and white stuff pictures of your ancestors to the cute baby pictures of a christening or 1st birthday.

Photos are a great way of preserving memories, taking a trip down memory lane and reminiscing about forgotten days. One should take care of photographs and preserve them for future generations.

Preserving prints

Print photographs are either stored in albums or lie about loose in drawers and folders. The first thing to do is collect all the photographs lying around the house and gather them in one place. Select an empty table that you can work on with the photos.

Complete the work in small sessions. Set up a fixed time every day to organize batches of photographs. Sift through all of them first and see which ones are worth keeping. Photos that are too blurred can be put in the discarded pile. Also separate the ones you would like to have framed or restored.

Once you’ve checked all the photographs, start categorizing. You can sort them according to events, dates, groups (family, friends, colleagues, pets etc). Put them into separate boxes or place them in the albums you may have prepared for the purpose.

De cluttering the digital ones

Digital photographs can be unlimited in number due to the ample storage space available on computers. Transfer all photos from your digital camera on to the PC. Check every one of them and delete the ones that are blurry.

Avoid storing all images in one folder. Take some time to create subfolders according to categories– weddings, birthdays etc. Make a backup of the photos on a CD or DVD. An easy way to organize photos is to download a free photo management tool from the Internet.

Store your organized photographs in a safe place, away from direct sunlight or humidity. Enjoy your happy memories!