How to organize a picnic

picnic Do you feel like meeting your friends and family and having a good time? Then organize a picnic and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Picnics are a sure method to indulge in some good, clean fun and merriment. The sun and breeze feel warm and pleasant and food tastes much better when you’re out-of-doors!

At a picnic, you don’t have to be worried about playing host. You can enjoy the picnic together with your friends or family, the key word being ‘together’. Let everyone contribute towards the picnic and have fun.

Picnic spot

Select a venue for the picnic. It could be your backyard, a garden or beach. Just make sure it accommodates the entire picnic crowd. Since you will be carrying food and drinks, make sure the place is clean.

Picnic crew

Decide on the number of people you want to include in the picnic. Notify all of them in advance about the picnic place and time. Always be prepared for an extra member to join your group at the last minute. Your friend or cousin may want to bring along a friend or date.

Picnic basket

Buy a cute picnic basket, large or small, depending upon the number of mouths to feed. Plan the menu together with those attending the picnic. This way you can find out their tastes and allergies.

It would not be practical for one person to provide the whole picnic spread. So divide the task of bringing food among everyone. Sandwiches, chips, salads, chicken, cookies, soda and fruits are some of the food items to carry along. If you want to have a barbecue, make arrangements to transport the required equipment to the venue.

Toys, games and more

Concentrate on enjoying yourself by playing games like volleyball, soccer etc. If there are children or pets in the group, carry along some toys for them to play with. If possible, bring a CD player or radio to listen to music and relax.

Enjoy and have a blast at the picnic!