How To Organize A Perfect Romantic Honeymoon

bahamas-honeymoon All of us wish for a fairytale honeymoon after a dream wedding. In fact a good honeymoon goes a long way in making a good start to a marriage and is also treasured as one of the most cherished memories in one’s life.

So, how should one go about it? Like a wedding, planning your ideal honeymoon also needs some premeditation.

Discuss and pick the ideal location

One should remember that a honeymoon is something that one should plan collectively with one’s partner. Always plan in advance about locations which could be short-listed as your perfect romantic retreats.

Ask your partner if he/she likes hill stations, beaches or a cozy natural resort. Also convey to your partner your ideas of places you both could visit. Just make sure that both of you choose a location that suits your preferences and thoughts.

Book for your trip in advance

Once your dream destination is chosen, it is time to book in advance for your traveling tickets as well as for the place of your stay. Decide your mode of travel; for example, decide if you want a quick air travel or a slow long drive to your honeymoon destination.

Plan what kind of hotels/resorts etc. you would prefer. Keep in mind what sort of budget you have. Depending on that you can decide on your place of stay. A travel agent or a wedding planner’s advice could prove very valuable in this context.

Organize some special surprises

Before you reach your honeymoon destination and your place of stay, you can also pre plan a few sweet surprises for your beloved. For example, inform the hotel authorities to arrange your honeymoon suite with floral decorations and aromatic perfumes prior to your arrival.

If your partner likes an adventurous ride, then ask your agent to organize a special long drive to some great romantic place in the region.

End the honeymoon with a bang

A good honeymoon also needs a special ending. So on the last day of your little romantic vacation organize something extraordinary; some event that both of you can recall and cherish throughout your lives. For example, if your partner believes in fairytale romance; then organize a waltz with soft music especially for the two of you to dance.

Honeymoon is an important phase to a new beginning in one’s life. So go ahead and spend a little time to plan and make it the best one.