How To Nurture And Beautify Your Eyes

eyes If you ever ask your boyfriend what it is about your face that sets his heart racing, the most common answer you might get is –‘your eyes.’ Eyes are the most prized asset nature has given us. Even when we do not speak words, they convey our emotions to others. So obviously, they deserve special care.

There are various ways to care for your eyes and make them look attractive. It includes nourishing them through natural, therapeutic as well as cosmetic means.

Natural eye care

The secret to great eyesight always lies in the right dietary intake. A daily dose of essential vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C and beta carotene is an absolute must for a healthy eye sight.

Try to include carrots, oranges, spinach, tomatoes, cabbages, milk, apricots etc. in your everyday meals. They are rich in the essential vitamins that will increase the nutrition content for your eyes.

Put slices of cucumber over your eyelids for ten minutes everyday to avoid dark circles. Dip a cotton bud in rosewater and gently wipe your eye area to remove the tired and burning feeling in your eyes.

Therapeutic eye care

Health spas eye treatments provide ample options to heal and pamper your eyes. Spas and health care clinics have various eye care masques, treatments and ointments that could reduce puffiness of eyes, dark circles, wrinkles and other eye problems.

But of course, one needs to make sure that the places from where one is availing such treatments are medically certified and anti-allergic to their eyes.

Cosmetic eye care

There are wide ranges of eye products and makeup from which one could choose nowadays. But a great amount of care should be exercised while choosing eye products. Remember, eyes are sensitive regions and even if you are using quality brands and products, don’t keep them for a long time on your eyes.

Choose the correct eye shadow that compliments your eye shape and highlights it. Prefer liquid or water based eyeliners that are easy to remove. For a more dynamic look, one can use colored contact lenses. However, they should not be worn for more than 12 hours. Always wear UV protective sunglasses to protect your eyes.

So the next time you want to hear someone complimenting your eyes, you know what steps you need to take.