How To Nourish And Care For Your Feet

feet-care We often get a facial, back massage or a good hair treatment. But like other parts of our body, our feet also need special care as they carry our whole body weight throughout the day.

Our feet are exposed to heat, dirt and a lot of other harmful agents throughout the day. Therefore, it is important to look after them and pamper them. When it comes to feet care, a whole care regime should to be followed.

Cleanse your feet properly

The first important thing to do every time you come home from outside is to wash your feet rigorously with a good anti-bacterial soap. Get rid of the tired feet muscles by soaking them for a few minutes in warm water. Dry your feet properly and apply a good foot moisturizing lotion on them.

Take care of feet problems and heal them

Due to the daily physical strain our feet suffer, problems like foot cracks, corns, calluses, nail fungus and other infections are a common occurrence. Pumice stones are effective on corns and calluses. For foot cracks use an anti-foot crack lotion if you notice even light fissure lines appearing on your soles.

Toe nail infections and fungal infections are other nasty problems that you get rid of. Always consult a doctor if you do not know the right way to heal them.

Be careful about you feet position

The body posture also plays a great role in maintaining our feet health. For example, avoid sitting cross legged for a very long time as it affects the blood circulation through your feet.

Also do some moderate ankle and leg exercises everyday to keep them pain free and strong. Avoid increasingly your body weight too much as it leads to arthritis.

Exercise extra discretion during shoe selection

Like the rest of our body, our feet also need comfort. So it is very essential to choose the right type of footwear. Do not wear high heels all the time and also avoid very tight fitting shoes. High heels can lead to pain in ankles and knees and shoes that are too tight can cause shoe bites.

Massage your feet once every week

Like your face, hands and back, your feet also require a great foot massage at least once a week. Go to a spa or a beauty parlor and get a great pedicure. Get a relaxing foot massage to make your feet feel pampered.

Like an attractive face, beautiful feet also draw a lot of attention. So start taking care of them right away.